Invitation letter




Advertisements and Sponsors


(Please refer to




Initiated by: Planning Center of People’s Daily, Overseas Edition

Sponsored by: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

Organized by: Organizing Committee of CIBTW

Time: Nov.24th—30th,2000

Venue: Beijing International Convention Center

Reference – WDDA in all correspondence







We are greatly honored to have the opportunity to meet government officials, presidents of noted media and companies and international celebrities all over the world in Beijing, the capital of China. Here, we shall fully display the talents of the media elites and our experience and achievements. Your participation will add much brilliance to the new millenium. Meanwhile, we, as the hosts, are also very confident that we shall make the greatest of effort to prepare for our welcome work for the global media giants.

     This exhibition is an important component of “China International Border Trade Week 2000”. It will cover international border trade achievement exhibition, trade information release, trade negotiations and global media conference, etc.. By the above means, the exhibition aims at giving full play to the advantages and characteristics of our country’s non-governmental diplomacy and border trade.  Meanwhile, the exhibition will use picture shows, trade talks and on-the-spot media coverage to display the rich achievements of China’s border trade with her neighbors. The purpose of the conference: “Bring China’s border trade to the world. Bring Chinese media to the international arena. Bring Chinese companies to the global market.” And create a good international environment for China’s entrance into WTO and more international exchanges and cooperation opportunities for Chinese border provinces and companies.

     The conference has six branch conferences: Press Release for China International Border Trade Information, Conference on International Border Trade Cooperation, Investment Invitation Conference, International Border Trade Achievements Exhibition, Forum for Presidents of International Enterprises, Global Media Conference, Forum on Regional E-commerce Integration.

     |All the relevant materials regarding sponsorships and advertisements are prepared for international and domestic companies. Here, on behalf of our distinguished sponsors and supporters, I would like to express our cordial thanks to you all!


Secretary General

Gao Su

Organizing Committee of CIBTW

Sep.2th, 2000





1.  Preface

2.  Introduction to opening ceremony and decoration of rostrum

3.  Design of the main screen board and its advertisements

4.  Basic tones of conference halls and exhibition halls

5.  Proceedings of CIBTW——special issue of “ International Border Trade Information Release” and its edition and publication explanation

6.  Design and explanation of admission tickets

7.  Profile of international border trade achievements exhibition

8.  Directions to international border trade negotiation

9.  Directions to CIBTW2000 registration form and feedback

10.     Scheme of sponsoring opening ceremony

11.     Introduction to global media banquet and its advertisements

12.     Advertisement price table

13.     Privileges of sponsors

14.     Qualification for exhibition companies

15.     Directions to the requirements for participation

16.     Notice for exhibition layout

17.     Security regulations

18.     Requirements and quality control regulations for decoration companies

19.     Editing scheme of pictorial---- “China International Trade Achievements Exhibition”

20.     Editing scheme of “International Border Trade Express”----Guide to investment invitation and trade negotiation in Chinese provinces and cities

21.     Editing scheme of “New Looks and Achievements of Chinese Frontier Provinces and Cities”

22.     Directions to arrangements for accommodation and food

23.     Location and specifications of outdoor billboards ads

24.     Location and specifications of indoor billboards ads (including ads on four-sided pillars)

25.     Location and specifications of indoor wall ads

26.     Layout of exhibition halls

27.     Introduction to the Organizing Committee and its leading members

28.     Maps of the conference sites

29.     Invitation letter for tenders for advertisements and sponsorship




Opening Ceremony of CIBTW2000

1.  Design of rostrum:

A.  Explanation of basic tone:

a.  Yellow and red symbolize harvest, zest, hope and brilliance, which forebode the prosperity in Chinese frontier regions.

b.  Blue symbolizes civilization, power and hi-tech, which forebodes that the economic development of Chinese frontier regions is supported by modern science.

c.  Rostrum area: 18m*6m

B.   Explanation of ads on rostrum:

a.  Subtitles on screen board

b.  Enterprise logos on the main screen board

c.  Design, production of rostrum

d.  The above three items cost 200,000 RMB


2.  Return of sponsors:

(1). Please refer to No.1—8 items of sponsor privilege regulations.

(2). Company’s leading officials can attend the opening ceremony as distinguished guests.


Famous enterprises’ sponsorship to the opening ceremony are also welcome. (Cigarettes and alcohol excluded)






Welcome Platform on the Square

1.  Explanation of the basic tones of globe (sculpture) and reproduction of the Great Wall:

a.    Sculpture’s color (silver) symbolizes modern civilization and strength; yellow and red symbolize harvest and zest.

b.   Deep blue and red of the support symbolize hi-tech.

c.   The silver grey of the embossed characters on the Great Wall symbolizes the history of border economic development. The yellow and red colors of the platform and its surrounding flowers symbolize the prospect and hope of the development of modern border economy.

2.  Explanation of sponsorship on sculpture:

a.  Logos of IT enterprises can be embedded on the back of globe.

b.  Models of mobile phones or computers can be added on the top of the globe support, which helps the sales promotion and symbolizes the top level of similar products in the world.

c.  Logos and exclusive sponsorship explanation can be cut or embedded in the marble platform.

d.  The above items cost 500,000RMB.






Introduction to Opening Ceremony

 Time: 9:30—10:00 Nov.25, 2000

 Venue: Beijing International Convention Center

Initiator: the Organizing Committee of China International Border Trade Week 2000

  a. Participants in contact:

(1). Top officials from China and foreign countries: Presidents, Premiers or Ministers of Commerce and Trade

(2). Officials of Chinese ministries and commissions: (in contact)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Minister, Vice Minister; relevant leader of Ministry of Foreign Economic and Trade Cooperation, Ministry of Construction, China National Tourism Administration, State Administration of Radio, Film & TV, etc.

(3). Mayor and Vice mayors of Beijing

(4). Ambassadors of foreign countries.

(5). Participants of CIBTW2000

(6). Famous entrepreneurs.

  b. Procedure:

  (1). Military band’s music

  (2). Line-up of delegates

  (3). Entry of correspondents 

  (4). Distinguished guests seated in the rostrum

  (5). Addressing

  (6). Inception of CIBTW2000

  (7). Releasing pigeons or balloons 

  (8). Congratulation letters and telegrams

  (9). Closure of opening ceremony

  (10). Military band’s music

  (11). Entry of Guests and Participants into the press release hall

  (12). Inception of press release of border trade information

  (13). Congratulation letters and cooperation policies




Introduction to Press Release on Border Trade Information

1.  Time: 10:30—17:00 Nov.25th, 2000 to 17:00 Nov 27th, 2000

        The Exhibition of Achievements of CIBTW 2000 will be held simultaneously.

2.  Venue: Hall One of Beijing International Convention Center

3.  Sponsors: China Public Relations Society, China International Public Relations Society

4.  Members of the Organizing Committee:

 Director: __________________ Director of China International Public Relation Society

 __________________ Director of China Public Relation Society

 Vice Director: ______________ Vice Director of China International Public Relation Society

           ______________ Vice Director of China Public Relation Society

 Secretary General: ___________ Director of International Department of the Planning Center of People’s Daily, Overseas Edition

              ___________Secretary general of China International Public Relation Society

Vice Secretary General:

  (1). Press release participants:

     Representatives of bordering countries’ provinces and cities

     Representatives of Chinese provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities

     Representatives of other countries

  (2). Participants:

     Chinese ministries and commissions

     Ambassadors and other officials of foreign countries

     Foreign and domestic correspondents

     Foreign and domestic entrepreneurs

     Foreign and domestic exhibitors

  (3). Timetable:

     Setting-up: Nov.23—24, 2000

     Opening Ceremony: 10:30 Nov.25, 2000

     Press Releasing: 14:00 Nov.25—17:00 Nov.27, 2000      

     Dismantling: 20:00 Nov.27, 2000

(4). Contents:

   Foreign trade policies issued by Ministry of Foreign Economic and Trade Cooperation

   Press release of bordering countries’ Ministry of Trade or Economy

   Investment projects and foreign capital intakes

(5). Requirements:

   The Exhibition site is distributed among foreign diplomatic delegations, foreign companies, Chinese provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. On-the-spot exhibition includes: charts, illustrations, pictures, models, samples (only to those domestic companies with transportation abilities), multimedia and electronic documents, etc.

   Organizing Committee is responsible of the overall design of exhibition hall. Exhibitors can use huge settings, screens walls, dynamic graphs, big symbolic models to introduce their operational activities.

     Notes: Small negotiation Offices are available in each exhibition hall (specification: 3x3 m2, 3x2 m2 ).



Introduction to Trade Negotiation Conference

1.  Time: Nov.25—30, 2000

The Exhibition of Achievements of CIBTW 2000 will be held simultaneously

2.  Venue: Beijing International Convention Center, etc.

3.  Sponsor: the Organizing Committee of CIBTW2000

Establish cooperative channels for foreign and Chinese companies, win over cooperation partners and promote cooperation between foreign and Chinese local governments through trade negotiation conference. On the one hand we should continue to attract foreign investment. And on the other hand, we should respond to government policy to help our companies entering the international market and establishing world images.


A.      The conference is divided into six special sections:

(1). Investment and cooperation in environmental protection

(2). International risk investment, capital intake and investment invitation

(3). Insurance and security system

(4). New products presentation

(5). Media products presentation, trade and cooperation

(6). Internet products presentation, trade and cooperation

   Time: Nov.25—30, 2000       

B.      Trade Negotiations among foreign chambers of commerce, multinationals, foreign banks and risk investment companies will be held in the related foreign embassies.

   Time: Nov.26—29, 2000

C. Venue: undecided

D. Charge:

(1). Registration fee:

    Domestic governments and enterprises: 2000RMB/person

Foreign enterprises: 150USD/person

Attendance in one single trade negotiation conference: 800RMB/person

Representatives who have rent two exhibition stands or more, will be given two “certificates for the conference”

    (Registration fee includes: materials, service fee, ID fee, translation fee, souvenirs, lunches and sites)

(2). Addressing fee:

    Domestic governments, trade organizations and enterprises: 2500RMB/20 minutes

    Foreign enterprises: 300USD/20 minutes.

   (3). First series: Nov 25th—30th 2000:

     Participants must buy an entrance card: 4000RMB/person.

   (4). Second series: Nov 26th—29th (including negotiation cites in foreign embassies):

  Participants must buy an entrance card: 3000RMB/person.

   (5). Participation in daily trade negotiation requires 1500RMB/person/day.

   (Notes: the above fee includes expenses for materials, translation, lunches, photos, sites, and business travel)


Charge Standard - WDDA


Booth (m2)

Standard booth (3*3m2 )


Outdoor booth


Foreign companies





Domestic joint ventures




7,000RMB (3*3m2 )

Domestic companies





(3*3m2 )

Services and requirements:

1.  Standard stand includes separation boards, lintel boards, one desk, two chairs, two radiation lights and one 220V5A socket.

2.  Rents must be paid in full on registration. Arrangement of stand depends on the registration order.

3.  50%--75% extra fee is needed for golden stands (see the map of No. 1 hall).

4.  Specification of stand rented by enterprises at provincial level should be at least 27m2, Top 100 provincial enterprises at least 36m2, foreign enterprises are limited to 27m2. 50% extra fee is needed for exceeding parts.

5.  Qualification letter or photocopy of business license with seal is needed.

6.  One free stand for co-sponsors with delegations renting at least 5 stands. They also enjoy free accommodation, meals, banquets and travel.  




Feedback for Participation - WDDA

______(country)_______(province/autonomous region/municipality)______city applies for the participation in the China International Border Trade Week 2000. Please reserve exhibition stands for us.



Business Magnitude

Provincial Level

City Level



Mailing Address


Zip Code


Contact Person







Number of reserved booth


The position and category of your booth


Remit______RMB to the Organizing Committee

Do you need booth installation?


Arrival Time:

Please send the photocopy of the money order to the registration center


­­­______delegates will attend the conference and ______of them are government officials.

Seal or signature:

Please mail your feedback to:

Address: No. 3 Building, People’s Daily, Jintaixilu 2#, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Zip Code: 100733

Recipient: the Organizing Committee of China International Border Trade Week 2000

Open Bank:

Account No.:

Web Site:


Please be sure to reference the WDDA in any communications regarding this event

Contact persons: Miss Zhang, Miss Duan, Miss Li

Telephone: 8610-85993404, 85992599

Fax: 8610-85994270

(The photocopy of this feedback is also valid.)





Introduction to Global Media Banquet



1.Participants (in contact):

 (1). Premier Zhu Rongji

 (2). Leader of Chinese Ministries and Commissions

 (3). Foreign ministers of economy and trade

 (4). Ambassadors and other officials from foreign countries

 (5). Leaders of Beijing municipal government

 (6). Directors of famous media

 (7). Leaders and representatives of noted enterprises


(1). Addressing

(2). Speeches: (specify the person, time, topic and order)

(3). Closure


Time: evening of   /  , 2000

Venue: undecided

Sponsor: Organizing Committee of CIBTW2000






Scheme to Global Media Banquet Sponsorship

1.  Background:

     Due to the revolutionary development of the Internet, the dissemination of information is becoming more and more rapid and the media globalization has become an overwhelming trend.

The media globalization brings us great opportunities as well as challenges: media multinational operation and merger, protection of intellectual property rights, information sharing, and the web application in media. We initiate this forum in cooperation with nearly 100 Chinese and world media. Officials from 100 countries, Presidents and chief editors of 400 media will discuss the hot issues in the media regard.

2.  Content:

     Transnational cooperation of world TV stations, China' Entry into WTO and globalization of Chinese media, The contribution of media to the economic globalization, Developing trend of media in the digital times, Cooperation on the protection of intellectual property right, American traditional media and modern Internet, Global strategy of Chinese-language media, The role of High technology in the digital times, Cooperation between TV stations all over the world in the 21st century, Training and cooperation of media talent in the Internet, Strengthen media cooperation between surrounding countries, etc. 

3.  Standard:

     Southern Newspapers Group, East West Forum, Mongolia This Week, Sky News, World Association of Chinese Mass Communication Media, Mongolia National TV, etc.

4. Amount of sponsorship: RMB 600,000

  Sponsorship format: Cash, Objects

  Sponsorship pattern: Sole Support, Multiple Support

5. Returns:

(1). Banquet in the name of the company and speech in the banquet;

(2). Attendance of one or two company top officials in the opening ceremony;

(3). Formal expression of gratitude;

(4). Color advertisements in the CIBTW proceedings;

(5). On-line or large-screen propaganda for the company;

(6). Other propaganda projects demanded by relevant companies will be properly arranged after discussion between the Organizing Committee and the relevant company;

(7). Photos with relevant leaders and distinguished guests (according to the demands of relevant companies and concrete conditions of the Organizing Committee);

(8). A free exhibition stand;

(9). Gold foil certificate with seals of foreign countries issued by the Organizing Committee;

(10). Special interview with the Global Media Interview Group;

(11). Special newsreel for the company;

(12). CIBTW 2000 captions showing the company’s assisting role and a formal gratitude to the company.


     Welcome sponsorship from noted companies home and abroad!



Introduction to Certificate

The Certificate, an attesting document with the seals or signatures of all the participating parties, will be granted to those delegates who have made contributions to the conference. It is an award for those contributory delegates.

The Certificate has three ranks: Gold foil, copper and paper. It has three versions in Chinese, English and Russian respectively. It is also limited in number (numbered 1-200).


1.  Delegates whose speech or dissertation has been included after serious examination;

2.  People with special contributions to the work of translation and public relations;

3.  Sponsors for the preparatory work;

4.  Foreign governments and governments of Chinese provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, who have made contributions to the invitation of exhibitors;

5.  Media who have helped to publicize the conference.

Ads and Sponsorship of the Certificate:

1.  Standard for the margin ads of gold foil Certificate: 50,000RMB for 2*4cm (Number: 50)

2.  Standard for the margin ads of copper Certificate: 20,000RMB for 2*4cm (Number: 60)

3.  Standard for the margin ads of paper Certificate: 20,000RMB for 2*4cm (Number: 90)

Phone: 8610-85993404

Fax: 8610-85994270

Contact: Zhang Qiuling




Admission Tickets


China International Border Trade Week 2000


1. Ticket design:

(1). 2,000 opening ceremony tickets for distinguished guests (An earth-like logo with abstract Chinese borderline);

  (2). 5,000 gift tickets for welcome guests (access to all conference sites);

  (3). 25,000 admission tickets for Nov. 25th, 2000 (abstract borderline with color ribbons and white background);

(4). 25,000 admission tickets on Nov. 26th, 2000 (abstract borderline with color ribbons and yellow background);

(5). 25,000 admission tickets on Nov. 30th, 2000 (abstract borderline with color ribbons and blue background).

2. Ticket production:

(1).The back of opening ceremony tickets for distinguished guests: introduction to CIBTW only, no advertisements;

   (2). The back of gift tickets for welcome guests: companies’ logo ads;

(3). Other admission tickets: advertisements for foreign and domestic companies.

3. Prices for ticket advertisements: 2 RMB for each admission ticket (minimum number: 25,000)





Regulations for the Ads Returns - WDDA

/  /2000





1.   Appoint drink: cold & hot drink, mineral water, coffee.

2.   Appoint liquor: white spirit, beer, wine.

3.   Appoint communication tools: mobile phones, pagers.

4.   Appoint transportation: cars.

5.   Appoint audio-video products: large screen TV sets, computers, touch computers, hi-fi equipment.

6.   Appoint office appliances: paper, pens, notepads, chest-cards.

7.    Appoint uniforms: suits, cheongsam and other adornments.

8.   Appointed daily articles: paper cups and paper napkins, etc..

9.   Appoint package food

10.     Appoint restaurants

Under 120,000

Item 1-5

1.       Participation in the decisions of the propaganda projects. The Organizing Committee will try to satisfy the company’s needs after consultation according to the actual conditions

2.       Color ads on the CIBTW proceedings.

3.       Free publicity on the large screen or the touch screen.

4.       On-line propaganda on

5.       Special certificate for appoint articles, copper Certificate with seals and signatures of over 20 foreign officials

6.       Photos with relevant leaders and distinguished guests (according sponsors’ concrete demands and the actual conditions of the Organizing Committee

7.       A free exhibition stand

8.       A five-minute speech (company propaganda allowed)

9.       Special interview with Global Media Interview Group

10.    One of the company’s leading officials as a distinguished guest in the opening ceremony and the banquet

11.    Publicity of the company during  trade talks

12.    3-5 free representative cards

13.    Special newsreel for the company

14.    Publicity on the conference banners, road signs, directions and gift bags

15.    Listed as one of the supporters on the conference billboard


Item 1-6


Item 1-8


Item 1-10


Item 1-12

Over 500,000

Item 1-15





Arrangement of Accommodation and Food for Participants

In order to ensure our participants a smooth entrance into their hotels, the Organizing Committee provides the collective booking service, reserving rooms collectively for the guests. If you need such service please send back the below confirmation to the Organizing Committee and remit a deposit of 1,000RMB to our account.

Recipient: China International Border Trade Week 2000

Account Bank:                         Account No.:

Contact: Zhang Qiulin                   Telephone:

Address: People’s Daily No.3 Building, Jintaixilu 2#, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Zip Code: 100733


Price List

Collective room reservation


Rooms for distinguished guests

600RMB/bed,person (limited to one government official)

Collective food reservation

120RMB/day,person (three meals)

Food for distinguished guests

200RMB/day,person (limited to one government official)

Note: Delegates, who enjoy the free service, please check the above standards.



Confirmation Letter - WDDA

(Photocopy is valid.)




Working Unit



Time Length

Return Tickets








Air Ticket:

Railway Ticket:





























Signature or seal

/  /2000

Notes: 1. Receipt of deposit as standard.

      2. Rooms will be assured if deposit arrival is prior to   /   ; otherwise we can only try

      our best.

      3. Please fax us the photocopy of your money order.




Full-length Color Pictorial Series

---Editorial Plans for the Volume of Achievements Exhibition of

 China International Border Trade


At the beginning of a new century and with the accelerating steps of China’s entrance into WTO, border economy will become a new increasing point for China’s important export economy. The opening of the first China International Border Trade Week emerges as a golden opportunity for China’s border provinces and municipalities to develop their economies and adapt themselves to the new competitive environments rendered by China’s entrance into WTO. This conference will play an important role in the internationalization process of northeast Asia, Eurasia Bridge, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. In order to strengthen the economic exchanges in the above regions, we edit this full-length color pictorial series to display the achievements of border trade and relevant trade information.


2.Introduction to the edition of different volumes

Thirty volumes are planned to be published with each volume aiming at a foreign country or a Chinese province. According to the suggestions of the exhibitors, a special volume can be produced for the partnering provinces between two different countries. Standard: big 16 mo (210*285mm). Title: Achievement Exhibition of China International Border Trade—Volume No.  . Total page number: 80. All the pages are color pages. Paper: top grade art paper; front cover is 157 gram art paper; interior pages are 102 gram art paper. Publisher: World Knowledge Press.


3.Arrangements for the content and requirements for the articles

A.     Front cover: the name of the city, conference logo and pictures showing major characteristics of the exhibitors

B.     Bookbindings and back cover: products advertisements of the exhibitors

C.     Other pages (16 pages)

a.  Information of the telephones, fax and general introduction of the exhibitors

b.  Border trade achievements of the participating countries (mainly in texts and simple pictures).

c.  World famous products and products waiting for popularization.

d.  Trade policies of the participating countries.

e.  Welcoming speeches of delegates.

f.   Attachment is needed for detailed illustration of pictorial edition.

The number of words of the above articles should not exceed 15,000. Pictures (preferably as electronic documents), Chinese, English and Russian version files with relevant illustrations, and other general introductions should be subscribed in time.


4.Contributions and the publishing process

A.  Intact pictures, texts for different volumes should be subscribed to the Editorial Office of the Organizing Committee by express mail before Dec 10th.

B.   An editorial agreement should be signed by editors, the Organizing Committee and the concerned exhibitors. The relevant countries should remit 40,000RMB to us as the fee for the delivery and reservation of 1,000 copies.

C.  The Organizing Committee will publish the pictorial series consecutively according to the actual conditions of feedback.

                                               Editorial Office of Achievements Exhibition of China International Border Trade


       Account No:

       Contact telephone

       Contact person:




Editorial Scheme for Information Express

In order to provide the delegates with a quick knowledge of our daily activities, the Organizing Committee plans to edit and issue Information Express, a conference journal delivered from Dec 24th to 30th 2000. Totally seven issues, with 4,000 copies each, will be delivered. Currently Information Express is collecting ads materials, pictures, articles, etc. from relevant countries. Information Express has several editions in Chinese, English, Russian, Korean, etc.. Detailed information is as the following:

1.Standard and content:

Information Express contains eight big 8 mo (420*297mm) folio pages. It will be printed on newsprint and art paper with both pictures and texts. The front page includes a large illustrated color photo, and includes columns like News Express, Today’s Hotspots, What’s on Tomorrow, Information Delivery, Report on Volume of Business, etc.. The content includes: introduction to trade cooperation, investment policies of the participating countries; exhibition of the cultures of relevant countries, introduction to and recommendation of their products; exhibition of border trade achievements; trade information; special interview of company presidents.

2.Details for the enforcement of Information Express:

(1). Each country’s delegation will be invited to send one or two on-the-spot correspondents to provide articles, picture materials, and contact advertising business for us.

(2). Early contact for ads (fax or telephone) business for the on-time delivery of information. Important articles should be delivered two days in advance. Ads drafts should be delivered nine days in advance.

(3). The articles and pictures for the first issue of Information Express should be finalized before Dec 24th.

(4). The content of Information Express serves the purposes of CIBTW’s five serial activities.


Prices for Advertisements in Information Express - WDDA



Prices for one issue

Prices for two consecutive issues

Prices for four consecutive issues

Frontpage(whole page)





Frontpage (half page)





Attached leaf(whole page)





Attached leaf(half page)





Whole interior page





Half interior page





One-third page





Middle insert






Telephone: (8610)85993404


Fax:      (8610) 85994270





Editorial Scheme for the Proceedings


The informational release conference and the achievement exhibition of the China International Border Trade Week 2000 will be held from Dec 25th to 30th , 2000. In order to facilitate the exhibitors’ propaganda and cooperation during and after the conference and to provide the society with a reference book for the contact of the participating parties, the Organizing Committee will edit the first border trade information monograph in China.

1. Standard and the ads prices:

The standard for the conference proceedings is big 16 mo (210*285mm), 200 pages; front cover is 157gram art paper; interior pages are 128 gram art papers; the black and white pages are 80 gram art papers; ads total 60 pages; ads prices for color bookbindings and back cover are all 10,000RMB; ads price for color interior pages is 8,000RMB. The total printing number is 50,000.

2. Content of the proceedings

A.  The proceedings will feature the dedications of the state and party leaders

B.   List of sponsors, supporters and the staffs of the Organizing Committee

C.  General timetable

D.  Layout of exhibitors

E.   Booth numbers, nationalities and general information about the participating delegates (telephone, fax, address, zip code and e-mail, etc.)

F.   Booth numbers and general information about the exhibitors (including company introduction, products introduction, telephone, fax, address, zip code and e-mail of legal representatives)

     The above information is provided by the concerned countries or companies to the Organizing Committee. The space of introductory articles: companies purchasing 48m2 booth can enjoy half page (the space can be enlarged proportionately to the size of their booth). The number of words should be within a specified limit. The subscribed material should have three versions: Chinese, English and Russian and be subscribed to the Editorial Office of the Organizing Committee by fax or e-mail before Oct 25th 2000.

3. The range of delivery:

Reading rooms and libraries of central ministries and commissions, foreign embassies, Chinese provincial and municipal governments, foreign ministries of economy and trade and their subordinate organizations, all the participating parties, mass media and their journalists.

Every participating parties are entitled to publish ads on the conference proceedings. Please view attachment one for the charge standard. Content for the proceedings: advertisements for the products and cooperative projects of companies in foreign countries and various Chinese provinces and cities.

   Contact person: